Vilifisaur KICK!

I forgot who this episode was about already. I don’t think it had much of a point.

That said, this episode was awesome. Criticism drills are a good idea, and I think I need some. The fact that Maria’s Vilifisaur told NicoNico “tards” to shut up was hilarious (and I guess that scene caught some flak on NicoNico itself; I’m sure the comment stream for that exact moment is full of angry NicoNico veterans complaining about Shinbo, and probably a Nice Boat or two). It’s quite clever to see a director so up-to-date with his internet references. I forget if Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei aired enough time after the Nice Boat fiasco for Shinbo to reference it, but I’m sure if it’s not in this season we can expect a cut to an appropriately pleasant boat and someone commenting on how nice the boat is in the second season.

On another note entirely, I find it absolutely hilarious that Shinbo censors every single fanservice shot (including a potential Maria pantyflash, and the scene in the first episode where all the girls are naked in the bath) unless that shot belongs to Kimura Kaere, in which case it’s the only thing on the screen. In slow motion. With budget-destroying careful, loving attention to detail. And sultry “Dame~”. As far as running gags go, this one is up there. It’s like titillating and mocking at the same time.

The characters of the show, although simple, are wonderful. Nonaka Ai is fabulous as Fuura Kafuka. Great comedies don’t need complex characters, they just need characters that play off each other well, and when the two major characters in your anime are a constantly downbeat and suicidal teacher and a constantly upbeat and perky student, well…that’s like Laurel and Hardy except with more Japanese clothes, wooden sandals, and hairclips. And anime. Or something.

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