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Chihiro is messed in the head. I mean, seriously.

Well, then.

It seems that my prediction for ef totally came true: the ending of Chihiro’s arc (or at least this episode) is ridiculously tragic. I did not weep tears, much to my dismay, but, yes, pages scattering to the four winds was really quite…wrenching. When Chihiro says she’s going to break up with you, she MEANS it. LIke, seriously. You don’t mess around with her.

I, personally, am having issues with Chihiro’s logic here, though. She loves Renji, so, therefore, to cause him no heartbreak, she’s going to forget about him? :???: I mean, the sentimentality is fine, but it’s just plain wacky that she wants to break up while she can still say “I love you”. It does, of course, make for a compelling and wrenching scene, but man, she is just totally screwed up in the belfry.

Of course, in traditional SHAFT/Shinbo style, the best scene in the whole episode was Chihiro naked the pages fluttering in the wind. Effective direction lesson #56409: let the audience figure out what’s happened before or instead of you telling them what happened. As soon as you see those pages leave Chihiro’s pocket you, the viewer, if you have been paying any attention whatsoever, thought “Oh shit no.” I’m guessing pages to the wind is what happened to the last person that got too close to Chihiro. It’s kind of sad that she’s so caught up in her condition so much that she thinks she’s a burden on whoever cares for her. If I were Renji, I’d be plopping her down on the ol’ recliner couch for a bit of armchair therapy. Of course, she’s an anime character, so I can’t do that.

At least she didn’t jump off the roof. That’d be even more underscores in the ;____________________________________________; face. And that face seriously doesn’t need any more underscores. Have pity on a poor emoticon, Shinbo.


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