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“No, I’m just sleeping naked in his bed for the warmth, I don’t know what YOU’RE thinking. Pervert.”

I think the most beautiful scene in the whole episode was Hirono and Miyako on the beach, kissing. Sure, implied sex is fun, but that scene was just perfect. I wish all visual novel conversions were as touching as this, but, sadly, they seem to be in short supply. I know there’s happy, positive, romantic visual novels/eroge out there SOMEWHERE; why must us old-fashioned types be so maligned in our quest for cute girls falling in love? ef is exactly the kind of romantic drama I’d like to see more of in anime–mature, but not without heartfelt emotions behind it. Considering when I first heard of it I thought it’d be yet another silly eroge conversion (this was before I heard about Shinkai Makoto’s involvement in the original game, though). I posted about visual novels before in reference to CLANNAD and Kanon; ef is another one of those pinnacles of the format that needs more imitators. And subsequent anime spinoffs.

And speaking of romantic drama, Renji got pretty “angsty” over Chihiro there at the end. “Angsty” in quotation marks because I’m one of those rare people in anime fandom who isn’t turned off by a character not being in control of his emotions–it only serves to deepen my empathy for them. Renji crying while telling Chihiro an outright lie and then collapsing on the beach in agony was also a wonderful scene. The Chihiro arc is my favorite, and it’s also the one I expect is going to totally destroy me with heartbreak and sorrow. Maybe I’ll even cry; catharsis is always good, and I’m man enough to break into tears. The Miyako arc I expect will have a happy ending, with Kei forgetting her sorrow at the loss of Hirono to Miyako with Tsutsui, which might provide a wonderful antidote to the anticipated bittersweet of Chihiro.

At any rate, we only have three more episodes to go. I will be sad when this one is over.

Watashi no Kawaisou Hige-tachi


Dennou Coil is so awesome. Most of the episodes have been pretty standalone and episodic, but that doesn’t matter because as far as I’ve watched, they’ve all been pretty hilarious. Whether it’s floating blocks of cyberwater appearing in midair or communicating with the cyberhair on someone’s face, it’s always visually innovative.

And that visual innovation is why I love the show. A few people I know have said that the series is starting to go downhill (people who are less behind than I am), but I fail to see how a show about kids shooting lasers out their foreheads can GO downhill.Dennou Coil isn’t afraid to do something totally wacky, and then sit there and point out how absolutely wacky it is. I was having trouble trying to pick a screencap from this episode, there were about 50 scenes that would have sufficed (Spaghetti Western cyberhair town? Kyoko looking demonic with her beard? I can’t choose!).

And what’s the greatest thing about Dennou Coil? It’s a KIDS’ SHOW. Why can’t America get cool shows like this? I don’t know. But I know one thing: I should probably watch Dennou Coil faster than I am watching it. Backlog ;_;.

Haya** no ****ku!

I’m so far behind on this series due to the fact that really early on I decided to show it to my younger brother for some reason. He really liked it, and so I decided just to watch it with him, and since he’s a forgetful sort and I’m too shy to ask  him to watch it, we’re all the way back at episode 17.

It is, however, a pretty funny show. It’s not a laugh riot like Potemayo or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is, and it’s far more conventional in its approach, but it’s got a healthy share of golden moments (usually when it’s referencing something). Like in 17, when Hayate talks about working for a mahjong parlor, and the camera cuts to Hayate drawn as Akagi, I about lost it (to the befuddlement of my brother, who was like “those are funny noses”) even though I haven’t seen Akagi yet. There’s usually one moment like that an episode, and, since the series is just plain fun to watch, it’s worth it, I think. And the best part of the previous two episodes was the butler at school (always seen holding a rose) having sakura petals tossed on him by his young ward. There wasn’t a scene with him in it without them.

52 episodes may be too long (even Keroro Gunsou got tiring after enough material had been exhausted) but after 17 it’s still pretty funny. If the original mangaka writes the anime original episodes, though, like in episode 10 (~tima), then there is no danger of it running out of steam, unless the manga does too. As long as it stays good (and as long as Nagi is cute) [and as long as my brother stays interested] I will keep watching.


I cannot understand those that take anime seriously, but I can love them, and I do. Out of my love I warn them to keep clear of this blog.

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