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Chi’s Sweet Home: The Attack of the Clock Show

I am not a cat person, but Chi is not a cat. He is a kitten. There is a difference.

There has been a bit of buzz about this series (including this attempt to somehow treat the series seriously which is ultimately doomed to failure because, well, this is Chi’s Sweet Home we’re talking about here), and as I first heard of the series on IRC on April 1, there was a tad bit of trepidation on it, as I was deathly afraid that somehow the innocuous-sounding Chi’s Sweet Home would actually turn out to be a blood-soaked murderous cat rampaging through Tokyo and totally macking on Godzilla’s turf.

That is not what Chi’s Sweet Home is.

This is what Chi’s Sweet Home is: cute^2. No, no, that’s not nearly math nerd enough. How about d/dcute∫7cute^2+5cute dcute? (EDIT: see below for information on why I am completely incompetent at mathematics, because I totally am and this is why I write instead of trying to find the Riemann sum of a set of discrete integers) I don’t even know if that can actually be easily integrated, but I don’t care because integrals are the most inherently hilarious mathematical functions, especially when applied to things that cannot be integrated, such as the abstract concept of cute (or, for the loyal xkcd reader, i.e. someone other than me, the infamous integral of love strip). This humor value is, of course, derived (pun may or may not be intended, I am as unclear on this matter as you are) from how difficult the things are, but that’s why I’m getting a history degree and not a physics degree.

I digress.

Chi’s Sweet Home is the perfect bite-sized chunk of eponymous sweetness and cute. It lasts a whopping three minutes, so it’s not like you need to sink in a massive amount  of time, and,  as long as you think kittens are the cutest thing since ever, you will be aptly rewarded. Fans of the cat episodes of Sketchbook ~full color’s~ have probably already watched this series and have been feeling quite happy as a result.

Now we just need a sequel series for a puppy. That would be even more incredible. But that’s just me.


I cannot understand those that take anime seriously, but I can love them, and I do. Out of my love I warn them to keep clear of this blog.

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