Gundam 00 just crossed the border into totally awesome territory

Episode 10 was so overflowing with crazy emotions that there’s no way I can believe that 00 is going to be anything less than an amazing ride. As I said last post, the strengest aspect of this series are the characters, and we’re getting some incredibly complex characters here. From Allelujah’s split personality, to Tiera actually being something other than a gigantic dick, we’re starting to flesh out the Meisters. Not only that, we get a good glimpse into Sumeragi’s character at the very end. We ended up getting a lot more action in the episode than we did in 9 (no real complaints here) but the high level of character development of 9 remains in 10.

The disparate strands are finally coming together to form what can only be a magnificent rejoinder to the failure of Destiny. I’m really seeing Mizushima’s influence in this show, and, strangely enough, I think part of the high emotional content of the show is the fault of the overall scriptwriter, Kuroda Yousuke, who did–get this–Kokoro Library, which is only my favorite anime ever. He also did Honey and Clover, so you know that, even if you hate Kokoro Library, he’s got his emotions down pat. And I think that his talent, combined with Mizushima Seiji’s knack for directing, this is only a good thing.

I think 00 is on the fast track to a Gundam classic, provided they don’t hiccup along the way. I’ve got faith, though. They’re certainly doing a great job reimagining the basic Gundam plotline from an outsider’s perspective. Here’s to 40 more episodes of glorious awesome, although we only have 15 until the season’s over with. :(

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  1. 1 rah2 10 December 2007 at 10:48 pm

    Gundam 00 has a lot of potential to beocme a Gundam classic, if not an anime classic in general. The drama just got pumped to to 110%, the entire cast is extremely likeable, and the story is moving in directions I didn’t even predict beforehand (which can only mean it kicks my ass). Sad that season 1 is gonna end soon. I don’t even know if Geass season 2 can make up for that, and knowing me, that says something. Maybe Macross F will turn out an ok replacement.

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