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That is indeed one Spicy Wolf

Yes. Oh, yes.

Okami to Koshinryo (Spice and Wolf, The Wolf and the Spices, Spicy Wolf, Non-Domesticated Canine Animal and Assorted Herbs) turned out to be exactly as awesome as I expected it to be. I like it when that happens.

The cleverness of the first episode doesn’t really kick in until Horo pops up in Lawrence’s wagon, at which point the episode went from “this is cool” to “this is amazing“. The development! Horo has perhaps one of the best personalities for a wolf goddess to have, ever. The series could have no plot whatsoever and could just be the Animated Adventures of Lawrence and Horo As They Ride In Their Wagon and just feature them bouncing lines off one another and it’d still be awesome. It’s not quite like a screwball comedy, but it’s that same kind of chemistry between the two–it starts the instant they meet, and never lets up.

It’s a shame this series is only going to be twelve episodes, but maybe if it does successfully (and from all the pre-airing hype I remember seeing about it, it seems to be doing quite well in that regard) we’ll get more seasons. And I noticed in the credits that primarily Koreans animated this episode, but it didn’t really look all that bad. Of course, it’s a first episode, but usually studios have Japanese staff animate first and last episodes and Koreans get the stuff in the middle. I hope the animation quality doesn’t take a dive after this episode, but I think it’s got a decently large budget, enough to prevent serious animation problems. It certainly look very pretty. And Horo is, well, spicy. There’s no other word for it. Shugo Chara’s “cool and spicy” Amu has got nothing on Horo.

Advanced Forays into New Types of Anime Blogging Never Seen Before (Plus Wolf Girls!)

In other words, now I am blogging a PROMO!

The True Tears promo, actually. Contrary to my previous expectations, it actually has a GUY in it, so no delicious Nishimura yuri for me. :( However, even so, the strength of Simoun for me was how Nishimura handled the relationships. And the main scriptwriter, Okada Mari, worked with Nishimura on Simoun, as well as for Aria the NATURAL, Sketchbook, and Red Garden (?). However, he (she? I can’t tell with these names sometimes) also worked on Kodomo no Jikan, which really shouldn’t count against him (her) as SOMEONE had to write it. (Similarly, Nishimura directed Ranma 1/2, because SOMEONE had to direct it) Not that I dislike Kodomo no Jikan, it’s more that it’s a different kind of show than what I expect True Tears to end up as. In a heartening counterbalance, however, it appears that Okada did same for Kita e ~Diamond Dustdrops~ which I take to be a similar series to True Tears. I’m interested in both.

It should be noted that I’m not expecting an EARTH-SHAKING INSTANT CLASSIC out of True Tears–if the series manages to be a soft, sad story that hits me at just that right note, I’ll probably like it. The fact that it’s “based” on a Broccoli game kind of worries me a bit (although the anime seems to have nothing to do with the game whatsoever) but, eh. I’m hoping it’ll be a fun little series like Blue Drop has been thus far for me. Except now with less yuri. Romance is romance, what can I say?

Also short, unrelated update: Still massively looking forward to Okami to Koshinryo. Horo apparently is walking around naked all casual-like in the manga. And Horo is hot so that can only be a good thi–

Er, I mean, she’s a really well-developed character! Yes! That’s it! Development! Personality!

Look! Bread! Development! Wolf ears!



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