The Daughter of Twenty Faces: DEATH. RAY. LASER. BEAMS.

Okay, so, as I watched episodes 17 and 18 of The Daughter of Twenty Faces while making a futile attempt to reverse the laws of thermodynamics and reduce entropy by cleaning my desk off (discovering what I can only describe as “dust Godzillas” in the process), I discovered, to my extreme pleasure, that they have, finally, unveiled a giant monster death laser that reminds me of Okamoto Tarou’s Taiyou no Tou (or, possibly, it is that the Taiyou no Tou reminds me of a giant monster death laser, which probably wasn’t Tarou’s intent, but that never stopped me) (ps: fans of Shinbo will take much pleasure in noticing that Shinbo loves Okamoto Tarou to death, as he references him all the time, which amuses me, considering the name of this blog). The series, which is still pretty good (even if it is a very up-and-down kind of good), was just aching to have some kind of giant death laser by which to blow things up spectacularly.

Honestly, I don’t care how totally unrealistic and/or plot device-y giant monster death lasers such as this one and countless others scattered across science fiction in general are, I think they are totally awesome. Anime seems to do such things with a special sense of verve. There’s the epic battle between Gettysburg Fortress and Iserlohn Fortress in Legend of Galactic Heroes, which is best described to those who haven’t seen Legend of Galactic Heroes as a massive pitched battle between two Death Stars, one of which is about 100 zillion times more powerful than the other. I am not kidding.

There’s also things like the Tower of Babel in Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, which amuses me greatly, in part because it’s a giant monster death laser in the middle of 19th Century Europe (a really weird 19th Century Europe, but 19th Century nonetheless), but mostly because it was the friggin’ Tower of Babel. Tower. Of. Babel. I’m not sure where in the Bible it mentions that the Tower of Babel was actually a highly technological GMDL, but there you have it. And I also especially liked Eureka Seven’s Oratorio system, which was a GMDL in space and blasted holes right through the Scab Coral itself.

And, on a much smaller scale, I’ve always been fond of Gunbuster, partially because one of its weapons is the Homing Laser, which takes the concept of GMDLs onto an entirely different plane. I also like it because they turned Jupiter into a giant bomb, but that’s still not quite as cool as Homing Laser.

What does all this have to do with Daughter of Twenty Faces? Absolutely nothing. As stated above, the series continues to be highly enjoyable, even if nearly every episode is enjoyable in strange ways unique to that episode. I’d almost say that they (being the manga author) aren’t really sure what they’re doing with the series and are just throwing things into it and hoping that it works, and while some miss horribly (I still find the powered armor suit kind of jarring and out-of-setting), others work well and make the series a highly enjoyable, if nigh-on nonsensical, watch. Of course, the series is supposed to be nigh-on nonsensical, so I’m not too terribly bothered when super-fast super-strong children show up and beat the tobacco juice out of Ken (is he actually going to do anything important, or is he just going to stand around saying “look at me, I’m wearing an eyepatch and a black leather jacket. Am I not the definition of cool?”, which, honestly, is perfectly fine with me, because God knows we need more eyepatch fanservice), and then two of them have a fight with each other, which was also awesome, and I think I can just type “awesome” here for a few more paragraphs and it would probably be a perfectly accurate summary of 17-18.

Also I’m pretty sure Twenty Faces is dead now. For reals. Like, crushed by rocks. Then again, if falling into the ocean from cruising altitude doesn’t kill him…

2 Responses to “The Daughter of Twenty Faces: DEATH. RAY. LASER. BEAMS.”

  1. 1 elvyse 23 September 2008 at 4:05 pm

    Heh! Just watched episode 19; I won’t spoil you, but it’s another great one. I’m loving those action packed episodes. Action is definitely one of the great qualities of this series. There’s a certain something in how action is handled that makes it very enjoyable (for me at least). I’m not sure what tho: I won’t go as far as defining it as “realism” (because it’s not), but there’s a kind of weight behind every move that makes me hold my breath during those sequences.
    Can’t wait for the next episodes!

  2. 2 issa-sa 24 September 2008 at 12:24 am

    LOL, I always suspected something about the Taiyou no Tou… It always makes me feel unconfortable passing by it on the monorail…

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