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The Ending I Want for Code Geass, Which is Not SDS’s Ending At All

I am in full support of SDS’s fervent wishes and hopes for the resolution of Code Geass R2, but, sadly, despite the fact that Odysseus u Britannia is a manly man (for only a true manly man would unhesitatingly agree to a marraige between a 30-something male and a twelve-year-old) who most certainly would enjoy the finer pleasures of hot cocoa and a rousing game of Parcheesi (or maybe backgammon, or cribbage, or, heaven forfend, pinochle), perhaps followed by some interesting discussion on the finer points of silverware, over getting it on with his lawfully wedded underage imperial puppet, it will probably not happen.

As wonderful as it may be to see Odysseus take his rightful place on the throne of Britannia (it would certainly be a better thing for the Code Geass world, or at least for Parcheesi lovers in the Code Geass world), that, sadly, does not seem to fit in the wild, wacky, frequently nonsensical, and oftentimes deliciously illogical world of Code Geass.

This, however, will fit in quite nicely with the rest of the series:



See, she kills Charles di Britannia after he kills Lelouch, because there’s no way Shirley would actually be able to do anything bad to her beloved Lelou, but if he were conveniently killed just as she stumbled out of her grave (Charles and Lelouch were fighting over Shirley’s grave, which, of course, was transported via helicopter to that ominous island at the end of episode 19 before their final duel so that, should he lose, Lelouch would be able to rest next to his one true love, Shirley, and they would be able to rest in peace together as they never could in life. A noble goal indeed, if you ask me) then she would most certainly be quite upset indeed at whoever did the killing, and, being a zombie, she could most easily overpower anything Charles could throw at her because, well, she’s a zombie. Charles is immortal, but Shirley is the living dead. Key difference there.

After killing Charles, of course, she eats his brain (well, she is a zombie) and inherits the right to rule Britannia, which instantly makes everyone in the world capitulate to her banner, making  her the de facto ruler of the world. She then proceeds to…do nothing, because that’s what she’s always done, and been loved for it,  but that’s okay, because after she ascends to the throne the world is in permanent peace for the rest of eternity. Everyone eats pizza.



~sentimental yet instantly forgettable pop song that vaguely has something to do with Code Geass~

~parade of cute chibi renditions of all the characters~

~a giant placard reading TO BE CONTINUED…???~

Mark my words. I can read Taniguchi Goro’s mind from across the ocean. And I’ve never been wrong.


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