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The Daughter of Twenty Faces: Soupy Symbolism

That is perhaps the most unappetizing soup I’ve ever laid eyes on. For one, it’s yellow, for two, it’s got those round yellow things floating in it, and for three, it’s laced with poison.

What better way to symbolize the dreary dullness of Chiko’s life at “home sweet home”, where her “loving” and “adoring” (of her rare piece of jewelry) aunt dotes upon her? I mean, soup is seriously all this woman can cook. And it looks like the most bland, tasteless soup I’ve ever seen. Hence why I think something’s up with the soup, more than the poison it contains. When Chiko was “kidnapped” by the “monstrous” Twenty Faces, she ate rather heartily (and often prepared the food herself) but, at home, all she ever got to eat was soup and bread. It’s a totally minor point in the overall scheme of things, but the food at both extremes of Chiko’s life–the bland soup at “home”, and the sometimes rather complicated meals with Twenty Faces’ gang–seems to reflect her surroundings. At home, for instance, she lives a dull, dreary life because her aunt serves it to her; however, with the gang of thieves, she quite enjoys life, and has a more varied diet to go along with it.

I probably just made that entire paragraph up (since that’s what analysis is), so here’s something only tangentially related to soup: the direction the first time she’s given the soup in this episode. It struck me as particularly good (or bad, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, and I really don’t know in this instance) with the various camera angles of Chiko’s motionless face, the sinister whispering in the ear, and (this is my favorite part) the violin in the background track rising to a crecendo as Chiko spoons up some soup and swallows it.

The rest of the episode seemed to be setup for the rest of the series, as Akechi gives Chiko his bet: find Twenty Faces before he does. It’s also now quite obvious who the mysterious “detective girls” of the ED are: they are Chiko, Tome, and Haruka. How that third one ends up in all this mess, given her actions in this episode, is a mystery still, but I’m sure she’ll have a change of heart, however reluctant or forced it may be.

And does anyone know what the hell was up with that powered suit-guy-thing? I’m not entirely sure why they’re breaking time-period with such an anachronism, but I’m willing to go with it if they handle it well. I’m not quite sure what “well” means at this point, but I’ll willing to make the best of it. At this point it’s fairly ludicrous (even by the standards set by the series previously, whcih scored pretty high on the “ludicrous” scale, although this is a different kind of ludicrous) and a bit of a suspension-of-disbelief jolt, but we’ll see how that pans out.


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