Itazura na Kiss: I, uh…well, I…WHAT?

Wow. They are definitely not dilly-dallying around this time.

I really, really, really have no idea what is running through Irie’s mind at this moment. Is he playing yet another elaborate prank on Kotoko? Is this his true nature showing through? What is going on? The questions have no end!

If it is Irie playing a dastardly prank on Kotoko for God knows what reason, there could be two things at work here: one, he’s exacting revenge for Kotoko playing the childhood photo card, which was itself in revenge for Irie humiliating her in front of all his Class A friends. Two, and this kind of ties in with the first, he could be doing something even worse: messing with her emotions for his own personal pleasure. Since we really haven’t been given that much of a glimpse into Irie’s actual thought process, save for that one fleeting internal monologue a few episodes ago, the story is entirely from Kotoko’s perspective, so, technically, we are just as clueless as to Irie’s intentions as she is. it’s clear, though, that no matter what the intent of Irie was, the result on Kotoko will be her once again calling into question herself and her feelings. Considering that she was pretty intent on hating him when he dragged her out into the alley, Irie’s actions will only leave her more badly confused.

Of course, if what I mentioned a couple episodes ago and that Kotoko and Irie are merely having an extended, complicated, and delicious flirting session, then Irie is less being a malicious bastard and more extending this flirting to somewhat more serious levels. This, of course, is the fervent hope of all who follow this series, that Irie, deep down inside, really likes Kotoko, yet refuses to show it except occasionally. I highly doubt (this being shoujo after all) that Irie will end up, in the end, being a malicious bastard, but there’s always that remote chance of BAD END.

It’s also fun to look at Kare Kano, or, well, I think it is. Itazura na Kiss manga started in 1990, and Kare Kano started in 1995. What’s interesting is that, in Itazura na Kiss, the focus of the manga is the getting to the relationship, and the whole complicated process to arrive at that lofty destination. In Kare Kano (which arguably took some pointers from Itazura na Kiss, especially for its early parts) reduces the process of “meeting and falling in love” into merely the starting point for the series, changing the focus instead from getting the relationship that you desire to maintaining it. It’s almost like Kare Kano was a reaction to Itazura na Kiss, in some ways reducing the entire series into a volume or two of content, and then proceeding on with the story.

At any rate, I am now burning with desire for the next episode, because things are going to get Complicated with the addition of some kind of other girl (how dare you, Irie) so on top of the already wacky relationship balance between Kotoko and Irie, we get love triangles. Hoo boy. This could get intense, fast.

4 Responses to “Itazura na Kiss: I, uh…well, I…WHAT?”

  1. 1 CCY 18 May 2008 at 1:12 pm

    Personally I’m assuming Naoki was a little wounded by Kotoko’s words; from his eyebrow twitch and resulting lack of face time during Kotoko’s “reset” speech, it sounded like her words – or at least her tears – got through. His voice got all quiet and almost forlorn right before the kiss, so that is my hope, anyway.

    Besides, I figure he wouldn’t want to dirty his lips just to put Kotoko in her place, after all!

    Interesting comparison to Kare Kano – that’s a manga I’ve been following on and off recently for the reasons you mentioned (that it focuses on maintaining a relationship).

    And love triangles, I’m a bit iffy on mainly because every shoujo show since forever has had to introduce a new girl who looks like a rival and induces jealousy … but maybe Naoki and Kotoko will take it differently. Time to ramp it up a notch, like you said.

  2. 2 The Animanachronism 18 May 2008 at 2:40 pm

    BAD END would be interesting, but I don’t want one – so the show’s involved me, I guess. We’re over the school bit, at least, so I’m hoping things will get more interesting from here onwards. I like your Kare Kano comparison – the idea that the two are part of a conversation is a nice one.

  3. 3 rroknedaj 18 May 2008 at 10:02 pm

    I agree with CCY’s disection of Irie’s kiss. I do believe the guy felt sort of sorry for Kotoko, but cmon’ we all know he’ll never really show it. What got me the most was that stupid tongue sticking thing he did at the end. Did anyone else think that was totally out of character? xD

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