Soul Eater: Shounen With a Female Lead? What Is Going On?

And a cute one at that!

Before I even begin, I’m going to make it clear: I’m not really one for shounen action series, and I really can’t tell you why this is. I’ve certainly liked quite a few well enough, but they just don’t stick with me as series that really impressed me. It probably stems from my dislike of pure action movies, which is another thing in addition to shounen that everyone else likes except me. It’s the case for many, but not all, shounen series that they eschew the brand of complexity I enjoy in favor of pure outrageous over-the-top style. So, with that in mind, I’ll just make the point clear: Soul Eater is good, even great, shounen, based on this first episode, but whether or not it’ll be something I will enjoy isn’t fully determined yet.

The whole stylistic flair the series has going for it is clearly evident. Soul Eater almost smacks the viewer upside the head with how cool and stylish it is. I mean, the moon literally has a face, and blood is dripping from its teeth. Why, I don’t know, but it’s there. The concept of weapons also able to assume a human form, and the resulting visuals, were also a joy to behold. I can’t fault the series for much of anything at this point, really–this episode starts off strong and charges forward, propelled in part by its own style.

And the humor was quite well-done as well; Maka’s father is a laugh riot (the scene with him in the hostess parlour with his hostesses talking gossip about him while he’s sitting in frtont of them was my favorite moment in episode 1. Well, that, and him telling Soul Eater to fondle his daughter. The humor is, of course, part of the overall style of the series, and my only complaint is that the series started out “serious” and then became light and goofy. It’s kind of uneven, but if the series sticks with a mostly light mood, even in the midst of the undoubtedly coming drama (the series is, after all, 51 episodes long), or, at least, handles the delicate balancing act between serious and silly well (The director is Igarashi Takaya, who did Ouran, so I think we’ll be perfectly fine in that regard, excepting writer wonkiness on the part of Yamatoya Amatsuki, who did same for Gintama, so at least he can be funny and be good at it), then this series will be perfectly fine.

There isn’t really much else for me to say about the series at the moment–sometimes shounen shows take several episodes for me to become acclimated to their style (as was the case for Gurren-Lagann, another shounen first episode I didn’t care that much for, and I ended up loving the series, so…) so I don’t plan on dropping this series after one episode with a dismissive sniff, but neither am I terribly jonesing for the next episode. I’ll stick with it for at least three and probably closer to ten episodes, though, and if it turns out that I end up liking it more than I am now, you’ll hear from me again on the matter. I can most assuredly say, though, that my lack of enthuasiam for the series rests entirely on my shoulders, and is not a fault with the series, as it is as good an example of shounen as I’ve seen. Usually, once I get into the groove of a shounen series, I end up really liking it in the end. I hope that this is the case for Soul Eater, but I’ll have to wait and see.

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