Allison & Lillia: To Assuage Your Curiosity, No, The Motorbike Does Not Talk (yet)

UPDATE: A clarification here of my opinion, after I watched the first episode with subtitles. It was much better than I was afraid of. Thank god for small favors.

First, a warning: this episode has yet to be subbed, and I watched it raw. It’s pretty easy to follow, I think, it’s just that some of the specifics of conversation (especially in the second half) were hard to follow, but I got the gist fairly well.

Second, this series seems to me to be a kind-of low production value children’s series, at least from the first episode. It’s a pleasant first episode, though I wouldn’t say it’s for everyone. Allison & Lillia is this season’s Madhouse/NHK team series (kind of like Dennou Coil was for its season, almost a year ago). The first half of this series is based on “Allison”, a book by Sigsawa Keiichi, better known as the mind behind Kino no Tabi (hence the joke in the post title). The second half will be based on “Lillia and Trieze” by same.

I, of course, quite anticipated this series from when I first heard of it, and even though this first episode has let me down a bit (I expected the letdown once I saw promotional art for the series, so it’s not too terribly bad), it’s still something I’m going to give a fair shot at. I’d say that, from the fact that the novels are by Sigsawa Keiichi that there’s probably something deeper at work here, something that probably requires a better grasp of the Japanese language than I do. I hope someone decides to pick it up and sub it, as I don’t know that I could legitamately follow it and judge it from just a raw viewing, although I think I’ll continue watching it raw should it go unsubbed, for the practice if nothing else.

It’s hard to judge a series based on the first episdoe (Tower of Druaga taught everyone this lesson yesterday, I think) so I’ll refrain from passing sweeping watch this/don’t watch this judgements, but I will say that, if you do watch it (and I suggest giving it a shot, just to be fair), even if you don’t like the first episode very much, it probably needs a couple more episodes to hit its stride. Probably any dullness comes from the fact that the series is directed by the Mokke director, NIshida Masayoshi, and, while I didn’t mind the two Mokke episodes I watched, I wasn’t terribly wowed by them either. Only time will tell how Allison & Lillia ends up.

It might, however, end up one of those things that I want to read the original novels of, rather than watch the anime adaptation of, like Spice and Wolf. Alas.

2 Responses to “Allison & Lillia: To Assuage Your Curiosity, No, The Motorbike Does Not Talk (yet)”

  1. 1 Impz 6 April 2008 at 1:13 am

    Well, graphical excellence will definitely not be found here. However, there might be an intriguing story if you keep on with it. You can also read a short summary on my blog if you want to find out the main gist of what happened.

    \o/ i just wish the series will have a nice story. Allison rocks ^^

  2. 2 OGT 6 April 2008 at 8:55 am

    I think it’ll have a nice story too, which is why I hope it’ll get subbed, because there’s no way I could watch this raw (although I did pretty well for half the epiusode). I’ve been looking forward to it for a while, I’m not going to drop it at one episode. :)

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