Hatenkou Yuugi: “Go for it, tentacles! I’m rooting for you!”

Baroqueheat is probably the best character of Hatenkou Yuugi. Quite the saucy lad indeed.

Aside from the first episode, I think this has been my favorite episode of Hatenkou Yuugi yet. It was a simple tale of wanting to see the sky (which reminds me of sola), but, as always, the actions of Rahzel, Alzeid, and Baroqueheat are somewhat complex. They’re all good-hearted individuals, but they behave in somewhat unusual fashion. You get this sense that there’s something deeper driving their actions, some kind of machinery under the surface that drives their actions. Alzeid certainly showed the most warmth he’s had all series for Ludovika. The anime seems to be fairly episodic in nature, whereas the manga seems to have a plot of sorts. (Speaking of the manga, I now have the first seven volumes, and I am ready for Hatsnkou Yuugi amped up to 11..which is what it was at originally) This plot probably delves deeper into the characters’ pasts that the anime only tantalizingly hints at. I had someone once describe anime to me as “24 minute commercials for manga” which is a somewhat pessimistic view of anime, but I think that’s what Hantenkou Yuugi is. In a way.

The dynamic interplay between the three protagonists continues to be the best part about the series, and this episode is chock full of snippets of character development (such as Baroqueheat shivering and heating coffee and himself, or the aforementioned Alzeid dispensing important life advice for Ludovika) and Baroqueheat’s tender, loving creepy advances on Rahzel for no seeming reason. He is, as I said above, the best character, because he’s got the most verve. Who else in the series would be a total, unforgiving playboy even when knocked into bathtubs and smacked with a katana? Who else would cheer on tree tentacles attacking the supposed love of his life? Baroqueheat, that’s who. He accomplishes being practically useless with style, which is something I can appreciate. He’s also, unfortunately, the character we know the least about, in terms of past revealing, and, with three episodes to go, doesn’t look like we’re going to get into his backstory. Which makes me sad.

Maybe there’ll be more of it in the manga!

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