true tears: The Episode of Untold Suffering

This was a quite bizarre episode for me to watch. So much of what actually happened in the episode was locked under subtext after subtext of inference. It’s a somewhat strange way for an anime episode to deliver needed information, let alone in the kind of series true tears is. This is just further proof that anime is TV, done seriously.

It’s clear that Noe is hugely jealous of Shin’ichiro’s affection for Hiromi, far, far more than before. I half-expected him to slap Hiromi, so it was quite surprising to find that he hugged her. I think that one moment spoke far more than words between the two: Hiromi now has clear, tangible proof that Shin’ichiro cares for her. Noe, of course, feels somewhat used and abandoned at this point. Shin’ichiro himself is caught between Scylla, Charybdis, AND the Sirens all at once. What fun it must be for him.

As a fan of lovable, quirky Noe, I feel it’s understandable that she feels betrayed, but she has no way of knowing the ordeal Shin’ichiro is going through. It’s clear that their brief, happy relationship is now over, or at least on indefinite hiatus. The missing “Noe ga suki da” rock sentence, and her anguished search for it is evidence that she knows it’s over, but she still doesn’t want to admit it to herself. I haven’t figured out the significance of her pressing hard on Shin’ichiro’s nose injury from the fight, which was probably one of the most perplexing moments of the whole episode–so much unspoken subtleties that it’s hard for me to grasp anything but vague statements of what happened. Maybe the wound-pressing is simply her inflicting a small portion of her own pain upon him. Symbolism.

Shin’ichiro’s mother, too, reveals a different side of herself, a side that is regretful for the pain she has caused Hiromi over the years, through her lies and mistreatment. I don’t know what it was about the running away and the accident that changed her mind, but she’s gone through a sudden sea change. With only 4 episodes left to go, I still have no idea how it’s going to end up, or even how I want it to end up. It’s going to be a downer of an ending, or else this series’ name isn’t true tears. Which it is. So, yeah. Bring Kleenex to episode 13.

3 Responses to “true tears: The Episode of Untold Suffering”

  1. 1 miumuii 27 March 2008 at 8:50 am

    I like Shin X Noe pairing better and Hiromi X Noe’s brother. But I’m guessing there’s no chance of that in Episode 13 =s

  2. 2 flibbet 27 May 2008 at 8:07 pm

    to me, it seemed like the wound-pressing was an attempt to make shin’ichiro cry. i’m still not totally sure on that, though.
    and it’s nice to find another noe fan. noe. T_T

  3. 3 Rawr!! 18 September 2010 at 12:45 am

    I like Noe the best too.I think shinichiro should’ve chosen her.Hirmoi just…idk i just didnt like her at all..:x Noe ftw! ^.^

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