Quick, Numerologists! Look up 4423!

Way, way, way, way, way, way, way behind on Dennou Coil, I know, but I’m trying to see if I can’t finally find the time to finish this series this week. It’s looking good so far!

I’ve just seen episode 16, the last of four episodes I’ve seen today, and I’m reminded once again why I like it, especially now that the plot seems to have kicked into full gear. Not that the series was bad before now, of course–there’s a lot of filler in the first half, but it’s highly enjoyable filler, and it serves the important function of introducing the characters and developing their personalities. In that way, it’s similar to the early episode of Eureka Seven, which were also mostly filler, but always threw the viewers a characterization bone or two every episode. This, of course, leads to “this show consists entirely of filler, it sucks” syndrome, although, I think this problem is abated by the cleverness of the series’s setting.

What I really like about the setting is the blurred line between reality and cyberspace. It extends much, much further beyond the simple fact that Dennosuke ceases to exist if Yuko lifts her glasses. There’s this general sense that, somehow, through some arcane technology, the real and the virtual have become interconnected. Now, this is a common theme in cyberpunk stories, I think; however, Dennou Coil appeals to me whereas the hard-boiled, gritty worlds of Snow Crash and Neuromancer do not. I chalk this up to the fact that it’s a much kinder, gentler kind of cyberpunk–cybersoftrock, if you will. It’s just nifty to see people clip through what I presume is an actual, physical wall to escape pursuers, in a show that isn’t set in an online setting. It’s just…cool.

The actual, central mystery, revolving around the mysterious entity only known as 4423, is quite good. I love good mysteries, when the mystery is actually a mystery and not an extended excuse for bad puns relating to food, cats, or quilts, so Dennou Coil appeals to two of my genre interests. The actual story has been paced slowly up until now, but it looks like they’re going to focus more on the plot, which can only improve the series from good to great.

I think I’ll post my thoughts on the whole series when I’m done with it, which will probably be this weekend. Now that I’ve said that, of course, all three of you will be waiting with bated breath for the Alpha and Omega* of blog posts, and it will not be forthcoming, and there will be Roaring and Gnashing of Teeth. Too bad, Grendel.

*this is possibly an exaggeration, but I am unsure

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