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A Brief Glimpse into the Soul and Being of Nena Trinity

Setsuna F. Seiei saw it. Did you?

Yes, yes, probably late on the news, and I’m sure you all have actually watched the pertinent episodes by now, but Nena Trinity is a psychopath. A loveable, cute, V-flashing psychopath.

The Trinity siblings are truly despicable. However, it’s the fun kind of despicable, the kind where you find yourself loving to hate them. At this point, they’re all pretty much off their rocker in that way that makes them impossible not to like as villains. The stereotypical VIllain You Love to Hate, in other words. I think what’s working for them in that regard is that they’re so caricatured and over the top. Seiji is not using subtle plot devices to show how evil the Trinities are here, Seiji is taking a giant mallet from his personal hammerspace and whacking you over the head with it. Repeatedly. Of course, they weren’t going to be anything but indescribably evil, but they’re so lovably evil that’s they’re perfect antagonists for a Gundam series. They’re like Azrael’s team of drugged up crazies in SEED, except instead of being drugged up and crazy they’re sober and crazy. Big difference there.

Deliciously evil villains aside, the introduction of the Trinities has left a decidedly bizarre impact on the conspiracy. If only ProfessorĀ  Eifman hadn’t died in that attack, maybe we would have had some answers! Instead, it confirms what we already guessed a long time ago: Celestial Being might only be the front organization of an even shadowier, even more ominous organization. The original four Gundam Meisters clearly believe that what they are doing with the armed interventions is the correct thing to do, which is probably the way they were indoctrinated in the organization: if the frontmen don’t know about what’s going on in the back, how can they spill the beans? I have the funny feeling the first season will end with Sumeragi, the Ptolemy, and related people breaking off from the main Celestial Being group and starting to combat the real conspiracy, along with everyone else who wants to fight. Maybe by the end of the second and final season we’ll have every major rival fighting not against the Gundams but alongside them, in a battle against the common enemy!

Or the show could surprise me half to death and not do what I think it’s going to do. That can only be a Good Thing, as it would improve my opinion to an even more ridiculously high stance. It might even match Turn A or G, then.

Anniversaries are a wonderful thing. Thank you, Sunrise. You know how to party like it’s 1979.


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