Don’t you DARE touch my tako wiener, Hiromi.

That is not your tako weiner. That is my tako weiner. Touch it and I kill you.

So true tears continues to impress. I’m not necessarily a “fan” of galge adaptations in general, love of ef – a tale of memories aside, but true tears is a weird galge adaptation: for one, I don’t think it’s got a lick of anything to do with the game of the same name (and even seems to have a different logo, I think), and two, as I am fond of repeating, it’s directed by Nishimura Junji, of Simoun fame. true tears, however, is a charmer of a series. The little character touches they put in there are quite subtle, and Noe’s quirkiness is a wonder to behold.

Unlike ef, whose plot was relatively simple, true tears is a complex web of misunderstandings and consequences. For instance, take the Hiromi’s room scene from episode 5: Shin’ichiro thinks he’s doing Hiromi a favor by telling her that the boy he thinks she likes that he finds her cute, when it’s exactly the opposite: Hiromi is too shy and possibly ashamed to tell Shin’ichiro her true feelings for him, and instead she gets mad at him, because she doesn’t realize that Shin’ichiro likes her too. Whew. If that’s not complicated, I don’t know what is. And that’s just the relationship between two characters!

And, speaking of the room scene, I loved the way it was done. Nishimura took a page from Tokyo Marble Chocolate and showed the same scene from two perspectives, first Shin’ichiro’s, and then Hiromi’s. I found it a novel and non-linear approach to telling both sides of the story within the same episode, even more fun because I didn’t expect it and was momentarily confused. It was almost like I was having ef flashbacks, except with different kinds of pretty visuals.

true tears is essentially at the halfway mark, and it’s only been improving with age. I don’t know if I’ll like it as much as ef (again with the ef! Surely there’s some other highly-regarded galge conversion series out there) but it’s a strong series in its own right.

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