Rahzel likes to experiment with twintails

Her hair style is different every epsiode, I swear. I think the original manga-ka or the character designer is having a twintails orgy and everyone’s invited for some down-home hairstyles.

So, Hatenkou Yuugi is still a pretty solid series, although the second and third episodes were nowhere near as fast-paced and snappy as the first episode was. The series is essentially crazed-villain-of-the-week in format, but the interplay between Rahzel, Alzeid, and Baroqueheat is still quite entertaining. I like how, in episode three, Rahzel needs some saving, and Deus Ex Alzeid pops up with Baroqueheat, and the entire room of possessed clown dolls just stands around waiting while they chew Rahzel out for leaving them alone.

The main focus of Hatenkou Yuugi appears to be each individual character. The first episode focused on the ghost that Rahzel was hired to rid the former “lover” of, the second episode focused on the child’s quest for revenge for his father’s slaughter in an inhuman prison game, and the third uses Romario to shed a little more light onto Rahzel’s character. I’m assuming that over the course of this woefully short series, we’ll get some more of Alzeid and Baroqueheat’s backgrounds as well.

Of course, the most likely reason the series is so short is because Studio DEEN didn’t give it a whole lot of budget in the first place. It’s kind of too early to tell how it’s going to end up in the Grand Scheme of Things, but at its episode count, at this point you might as well just watch every episode. And there’s that Imagawa writing credit to contend with, too…

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