Important Lesson For Today: Never Trust Wolf Goddesses, No Matter How Cute They Are

Horo can barter like no other. She’s like the medieval merchant equivalent of a lot lizard. With wolf ears.

So Okami to Koshinryo really is a Moe Medieval Economics Thriller. I can’t see anything but utter awesome from Lawrence and Horo’s Adventures in Beating the Market, because, one, as these three episode have taught even the most ignorant, economics in medieval times was incredibly complicated, much like it is today, except you had to know 50 zillion coinages and be able to manipulate the markets in your head. As a bored teenager, I’ve played a couple of those silly space merchant games wherein you buy things at one planet and then soar off to another planet and sell things and buy more things and etc, and man, was it complicated enough to handle the laws of economics in a simple browser MMO. And you had little icons and stuff, and there wasn’t a huge variety of goods. To make the complexities of economics in medieval times a subject for a thrilling and exciting light novel/anime requires three things:

1) research into economics and its history
2) actual writing talent
3) wolf girls (optional but suggested)

The fact that Hasekura Isuna did all three and managed to be successful tells me that Japanese people will go to incredible lengths to write a book that a goodly portion of the fans of said book are fans of the hot wolf girl and yet still somehow the actual content of the book is astounding, making the addition of said hot wolf girl even more fun. American visual culture fans get the historically inaccurate 300; Japanese visual culture fans get meticulously researched economic thrillers. I think I know which I want to cast my lot with. More on this topic when I get around to writing about Historie, though. For now, though, I’m happy with pretend-Medieval Europe with wolf girls.

TALLY OF TIMES I HAVE SAID WOLF GIRLS/EARS IN THIS POST: 5. If you haven’t picked up that I’m somewhat infatuated with Horo, here’s me explicitly informing you: I am infatuated with Horo. There, now it’s out in the open. No reneging.

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