That was some mighty fast talking in Hatenkou Yuugi

So, prior to knowing anything at all about Hatenkou Yuugi, what attracted me to it was the writing credit: people don’t toss around the name Imagawa Yasuhiro for no real reason these days. And, while an Imagawa writing credit is less spectacular than a Imagawa directing credit, it’s still a Good Thing to have him involved.

And I just watched episode 1. And it was glorious.

Things don’t really make sense in Hatenkou Yuugi, and probably won’t until the end, or possibly ever. It doesn’t seem to have any kind of overarching plot, and will probably consist of episodic adventures of Rahzel, Alzheid, and Baroqueheat helping people out. The content of the first episode was fairly standard fare, as well.

But that’s not why you should watch it. You should watch it for snappy, witty character dialogue and brilliant character chemistry. For two people that met randomly with zero explanation, Rahzel and Alzheid certainly get along fairly well, enough to instantly start taking potshots and one-liners at each other. I mean, watching it, I just sat there in awe at the back-and-forthing that all the characters did. There’s no hefty backstory to get you started, you’re just dropped into the middle of things. It’s a style of show you don’t see often in anime, and, of course, Imagawa handles it beautifully.

I have no idea if the snappy dialogue is from the manga or not, but evidently the manga is released in the US as Dazzle, so maybe I better go pick it up sometime and find out. That might be a good idea, since Hatenkou Yuugi is only going to be 10 episodes. An act that should be criminal, if the series keeps things up at this pace.

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