Deus Ex Gundam

I am now possessed by a sudden urge to see anime remake Oedipus Rex with mecha as a direct result of titling my post this. Then again, I think about what happened to A Little Princess when they tried to remake it with mecha…

So in this episode everything goes according to keikaku (TRANSLATOR’S NOTE: keikaku means “plan”) for the other side of the equation, for once. Well, okay, it was going according to plan until whoops, there’s another set of Gundams out there, and hey presto! Everything stops going according to plan and jumps back in Celestial Being’s favor.

I am really liking the way that Gundam 00 doesn’t recycle animation very much, or even at all. All the other Gundam series I’ve seen, animation got reused a ton. Part of the reason I think they’ve been able to do this is the small scale of what’s going on–Celestial Being isn’t really fighting a war, like in the other Gundam series (except maybe X), they’re fighting a series of small pitched battles. The 30th anniversary-ness of 00 truly shows in the visual aspect.

One other thing I’ve just now thought of, since I’ve basically been watching four Gundam series practically back to back: 00 is incredibly different than the others, even more so than I thought. Usually by this stage in the game, events are moving at a fast clip, and here, 00 is just moving sedately along, perambulating its way through a tangled web almost casually. I don’t think that 00 is trying to be the hippest, coolest, most action-packed Gundam (go watch G for that) or even coming close to a more “normal” Gundam series level (there is no such thing as “normal” in Gundam, I’ve decided). This, and the attack on the Ptolemy, are the two most action-packed episodes. The plot doesn’t revolve around the combat, the combat revolves around the plot. It’s an interesting and tradition-breaking perspective on Gundam.

Oh, and it’s also got the highest cute girl ratio. Why can’t Kouga Yun draw some kind of non-BL shoujo manga so I can read it without feeling awkward? Maybe she can switch to yuri. That’d be super.

4 Responses to “Deus Ex Gundam”

  1. 1 animanachronism 23 January 2008 at 4:13 am

    I think Code Geass is as close as anime has come to Oedipus Rex with mecha.

  2. 2 rah-rah 23 January 2008 at 4:46 am

    but his mom is already dead so how does that work :o?!. Also, Lelouch is more like Cain Hargreaves from the Count Cain series then Oedipus is (Then agian, that series is inspired by classical literature, so….), but hey, it’s better then being constantly compared to Light all the time.

  3. 3 animanachronism 23 January 2008 at 9:31 am

    His mum is dead but has some kind of connection to C.C. (remember episode 25?); he’s dedicated to avenging her by killing his father; his eyes are significant; coincidence plays a large role in the plot (like the Road to Thebes). Only resonances, but further than any other anime series that I’ve seen.

    But I don’t recall a deus ex machina per se in Oedipus Rex.

  4. 4 OGT 23 January 2008 at 12:28 pm

    Oedipus Rex didn’t have a deus ex machina, but I wrote that title, started thinking about Greek theater, and wound up with that. My brain doesn’t work right sometimes.

    I wonder if they’ll make Historie into an anime. I need to read more so I can post about it.

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