Open Memo to All New Mobile War Chronicle Gundam W Haters: You Suck


RE: New Mobile War Chronicle Gundam W

Dear kind sirs,

I would like to inform you that you, the eponymous Gundam W haters, are full of bullshit like nothing else.

I missed out on Gundam W back when it was cool to like it due to being an Obstinate Moronical Anime Disliker (although I did watch one episode of the series, and tried to watch Endless Waltz, which only left me more confused, and I can’t remember a thing about Endless Waltz, which is probably a good thing), and as I’ve said before, this gives me a different perspective than those who watched it in its heyday. According to my good friend SDS, a large part of the hate on W is because of the particular people who liked it. This means, of course, the people for whom this was the first Gundam series, and henceforth assumed that all Gundam series were exactly like W. This, of course, angers the UC fans, but they’re prone to apoplectic fits if anyone says that a Gundam series that wasn’t directed by Tomino is anywhere north of “utter tripe”. This also leads me to reactions like one of my friends, who, when I mentioned that I was watching After War Gundam X, immediately assumed that all Gundam series featured “whiny emo angstballs” as protagonists, largely due to his exposure to the two major Gundam series in America, W and SEED, and made fun of me for such.

So, the problem for W is that its own popularity bites it in the rear–it, for better or for worse, defined Gundam for an entire generation of fans, and those who liked it liked only it, and those who didn’t ridiculed it and Gundam in general (unless they were later made aware of the awesome of Gundam, and possibly became annoying fans of another kind).

So, here I am, just having watched episode 15 and slightly over a quarter of the way through the series, and I’ve gotten into it like I get into a normal Gundam series. It’s still not been really impressing me in the same length of time that, say, 00 has been, but it’s a Gundam series, they’re never really all that bad. There’s quite a few good Gundam moments in this series thus far (such as Heero self-destructing himself and the Wing at the drop of a hat) and the much-chided “philosophy” hasn’t really started bugging me too much. For what it’s worth, I’m a bit of an idealist, too, and since this kind of pacifism is absurdly idealistic from what I’ve heard, it can’t be too bad, although, on an unrelated note, Destiny, I think, pushed the pacifism concept in Gundam a wee bit too far.

And Relena needs to scratch that dog with her foot in the ED more often. I have no idea why, but that moment is awesome.

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