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I’ve been called.

So, for those who aren’t aware, Manga-Screener finally released more Bokurano chapters to the ravenous hordes, and it was glorious. If you’re following Bokurano and haven’t read these chapters yet, close this window and go do so now. If you haven’t even touched Bokurano yet, well, rectify this situation immediately.

For those intrepid souls who jumped on the torrent ASAP and also read this blog, yes. Kanji is awesome. Since he, unfortunately, didn’t have much in the way of a backstory to elucidate upon, or much unresolved internal conflict, his arc was mostly plot-driven, with the most frightening enemy yet in the manga. I honestly thought that Kitoh Mohiro would just say “screw you all” and end the manga right here with BAD END. Which he may have yet done.

However, I don’t think anyone expected Kana to suddenly become a pilot. We already knew from the beginning of Kanji’s arc that Ushiro was the non-contracted member, but this must have been the result of all the manipulation Kana’s been doing behind the scenes. My guess is, Kana’s arc will be the resolution of the Ushiro/Kana hostility that’s been going on throughout the whole series. I’ve been waiting to see what the canon reason for that weirdness is for a while now (the anime stops being canon at episode 13; or, well, it just kind of deflects itself off into its own little universe that has nothing to do with manga canon) and, well, it’s all going to come out. Some kind of nasty ugly truth, I’m sure.

Why isn’t this series licensed already? Del Rey, surely you can do something about that, can’t you?

Shigofumi episode 1: BAD END

I didn’t even notice this scene until I skimmed for screencaps.

So, Shigofumi was seeming like an okay rehash of Shinigami no Ballad but after that ending, no, it’s something different. Can’t fault me for thinking that, though, since both Fumika and Momo have white hair.

The first episode was fairly well-done. There’s not much to say about the plot at the moment (we’ll get to that in a bit), but I rather liked the characters. In contrast with the Shinigami no Ballad comparison, Shigofumi has considerably more light humor to leaven the mood, at least in the first episode (and then it takes said leavened mood and stabs it with a knife–literally). Kino Fumika had a delightfully personalityless personality, and her talking staff Hermes Kanaka* has the sassy personality that magical staves needed to fill the void left by Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha’s Donna Burke-voiced Raising Heart.

On the plot, I’m going to make a huge leap of logic here, and make the 99% baseless assumption on the overall plot structure of the series in general based on two things: one, how the episode ended, and two, the title of the ending theme, Chain. It’s just a passing impression I got, and, again, this is mostly speculation, but somehow I think what’s going to happen is that each episode will tie into the last via the mechanism of the Shigofumi–i.e., end of episode, someone dies, the Shigofumi gets sent to a new person, and we end up with a chain (get it now?) of connected stories that end up far from where they began.

Or I could be completely wrong and they’re shooting for a more standard story arc format. But now that I’ve thought of this concept, I desperately need to see it at some point.

*FOOTNOTE: I bought the Kino no Tabi novel the other day, so I’ll finally be able to experience it! Then this joke won’t look like I’m being a poser!


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