This show is so pretty. I love you, Nishimura Junji.

So, I finally got around to watching my other hotly anticipated show of the winter season, True Tears. It’s only been the first episode, but I was quite impressed with it. For one, as I said above, it’s truly beautiful to behold. It’s pretty in a different way than Simoun’s faux watercolor backgrounds were–here, it’s a bit more like Makoto Shinkai making a TV anime. But yes, the visuals.

The actual content of the episode was much, much better than I expected. There appears to be some mysticism regarding Shin’ichiro and certainly around Noe, the main girl. I didn’t expect the plot to be so…different. I was kind of expecting a kind-of harem love-triangle drama, which it may yet become, or may not.

One thing is certain: this series is classy. Shin’ichiro walks in on a resident in the house he lives in with what I presume is his family (or possibly his sister) changing for the bath and it’s totally just…there. You see her panties (they are striped, of course) and her bare back, and later, you see her fastening her bra, but…it’s just there. That’s probably due to the fact that this isn’t a comedy, but there wasn’t even a “Kyaa! Ecchi!” (people who have seen this episode will understand that this is a plot point) or anything.

I’m expecting full-blown character development here, NIshimura. Bring it on. I can handle it.

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