The world of Ghost Hound has been completely upended

Miyako smiled. Best episode ever.

Ghost Hound is still getting better. It’s kind of unfortunate that it takes so much time to warm up (at least for me) but I think it’s starting to pay off. Not too much weirdness in this episode, but we did see Mr. Psychologist freak out (complete with a new rendition of my beloved background tocking sound effect). I still don’t know what general purpose overall some of the plot threads hold with the main storyline (such as the sake brewery bits), but unless Shirow doesn’t know what he’s doing, things will all come together in the end.

The plot, such as it is, is progressing nicely, if slow. We’ve established that I don’t really mind slow paces very much. Ghost Hound uses its slow pace to focus on the characters a lot more (rather than just barreling through a 22-episode plot-twist-laden series) but that seems to be the focus of recent I.G. shows (see previous post). All three of the main cast (Tarou, Masayuki, and Makoto) are fairly complex at this almost-halfway point. I think the group of high schoolers who ended up getting cursed near the pachinko parlor are in the show entirely for comic relief and/or for the main cast to pick on while in out-of-body form. Nothing like exploiting supernatural powers for some cheap laughs! Next they’ll go cow-tipping in Kakurikyo.

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