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Laments as to Why I Have Not Already Watched Seirei no Moribito

Because I’m on episode 8 now and I’m wondering why it took me three-quarters of a year to get here.

Balsa is upset that I did not do this previously.

I think what happened was back when it started airing I (and I think everyone else) was expecting it to be a very pretty action-fest. Once again, I’m just plain out stupid and skipped over a wonderful show for zero reason. Oh well. At least I go back and watch them.  I think the other problem is that I had to get into the mood for it–sometimes perfectly good anime will seem like utter shite if you’re not in the proper mood to appreciate it.

At any rate, I’m glad for two things: that I picked it back up again, and that Scholastic picked up the novel series. After I heard the novels got licensed I intended to read them (because books) but I figured I’d give the anime a second shot, and picked it up where I left off. Good thing, too, because now I’m antsy for the novels to hit–turns out Seirei no Moribito is the exact fit for me in fantasy. It’s got the slow pace, the relaxed atmosphere, and the political intrigue that entertains me. It’s all very well-done in the anime, too–I can imagine that the books will be fairly well-written in their own right–and Production I.G. lends their visual style to the series well. I’ve never really been much of a fan of Production I.G., as I don’t really care for the Ghost in the Shell property (heresy! burn me at the stake!), and most of their catalog that they’ve been responsible for either I didn’t like or I wasn’t interested in. Except Cromartie, but that’s Cromartie for you. Like Shinbo, either I changed or they changed, and things have just been clicking a lot more for me.

I’m really glad Scholastic picked this series up–it’s the kind of thing we need more of in YA literature. America is responsible for churning out pretty much garbage, and it’s up to other countries to pick up the slack. Like my previous post on light novels, foreign novels will help vary the market a little and provide some much-needed relief from those who are tired of seeing books about the latest adventures of <generic girl/boy #15343>. So, yeah. Good thing to bring over. And we get sexy spearwomen to boot. What a deal!


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