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Hosaka is a REAL man

He suffers such hardships for his woman. Or, well, in his “simulations”.

I’m almost done with Minami-ke, and despite episode 8 not having any random cuts to Sensei & Ninomiya-kun, it was still impressive. Hosaka may actually be my favorite character; his amazingly vivid imagination and odd personality quirks makes him the amusement machine that he is. I love the fact that he spends time and effort coolly calculating out how he’s going to end up with Haruka as his wife. Of course, no one bothers to inform him that Kana and Chiaki are not her daughters but, instead, her sisters, which is perfectly fine by me since we get uber-cute child Kana. He’s not a shameless womanizing bastard (like so many characters of his type tend to be; see Asaba from Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou), he’s instead very, very devoted to his one true love, who, sadly, being Haruka, doesn’t seem to notice. This may be a good thing, however, since Haruka is indeed the Banchou, and would likely clean his clock.

And on the absurdity of Minami-ke, just look at that screencap–there is no logical reason why Hosaka is covered in snow there. We were treated to him giving his umbrella to Haruka earlier, whereupon he became massively soaked, and now, someone, after he gives his scarf to her on a snowy night, he mysteriously becomes covered in snow. If you ask me, it would’ve been funnier if the snow accumulated rapidly on him after he gave up his scarf while, at the same time, not accumulating on Haruka, but, as it stands, it’s still a brilliant moment. I still can’t believe this is from the guy who did Today in Class 5-2, but I remember 5-2 being somewhat similar to Minami-ke, just more…ero-ero.  And with only elementary-schoolers. Which may be a plus, depending on who you are.


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