Fact #1054 About Watching a Gundam Series

No matter how much you say “I need a break, this is getting too intense” towards the end of the series, you somehow find yourself marathoning the ending as fast as you possibly can.

It happened with me and Turn A. It happened with me with G. And now it’s happened with X.

For the past 24 hours, pretty much all I’ve seen is After War Gundam X. And, despite a rather rocky start, it actually got to a level akin with other Gundam series. Unfortunately for the show, the last season of its run got nixed, so we ended up with a set of last 13 episodes that, at times, felt rather rushed. Despite the rushed feeling, and the sometimes random appearance of plot points that didn’t seem to have a genesis from anything, it still ended up being one of the better Gundam series that I’ve seen.

The end revolved around the “secret” of the Newtypes, which apparently is that they don’t really exist, and that neither the Federation nor the Colonies should bandy about the phrase “Newtype” as an excuse for military action and sectionalism. This, coupled with the delightfully evil Frost brothers, Shagia and Olba, made for a suitably epic last episode.

The whole series is about fighting to change the future: rather than a future where the prospect is more and more wars, the future should be one of peace and prosperity. Of course, the ones making the major changes towards this peaceful future are the youngest, Garrod in particular. Led by the future vision of Jamil, himself a Newtype, Garrod strives to end the conflict between humanity (here, as in most Gundam series, represented by the conflict between old and new, between Earth and her Colonies) through the usual Gundam method of destroying those most willing to stir up the feelings of war between them (the Frost brothers, who at least helped Garrod by taking out both the leaders of the New Federation and the Space Revolution [who, by the way, are exactly the same, except they have different sized Jowls of Evil, and one has a wart on his rather large nose]).

Spoilers: He succeeds!

Most every Gundam series usually ends up being an uplifting tale of individuals fighting against everyone else because they have a vision of peace. X is no exception, and, despite being the little Gundam that couldn’t, due to low ratings, it’s actually a much better Gundam than you would expect of one being canceled. It’s every bit as good as the ones that get the most attention, so its abandonment to the shores of time perplexes me, having now watched it. I can only imagine what these last few episodes could have been if only the series hadn’t been canceled.

It’s been a while since I watched an older Gundam series–I was introduced to the franchise with SEED, like quite a few people who got into anime after Wing had long ceased airing on Cartoon Network–so I forgot how absolutely intense they could be. Which is probably why my mind’s a little shot right now. But it’s a good kind of shot. I’ve accomplished something. Or not.

1 Response to “Fact #1054 About Watching a Gundam Series”

  1. 1 Palvati 24 June 2009 at 11:19 pm

    Gundam X was first Gundam series that I actually finished…

    Zeta and ZZ, I was not able to get all of the eps back when I first watching them.

    I too found Gundam X to be very entertaining and it puzzled me why it had such a low rating?

    Was it lack of space battle?
    Was it lack of good Newtype piloting the Gundam?

    Currently Marathoning Victory Gundam, although I find majority of the characters very annoying….

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