Gundam X, more like Gundam x Macross

Seriously. It’s like the “epilogue” part of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross had an illicit affair with Universal Century Gundam and had a bastard child and named it After War Gundam X.

I started watching it last night, and am already on episode 8. It started out really slow, and really kind of…I guess “silly” is the best word for it. It’s hard to explain what the first few episodes are like. You watch it and you’re like “Wait, is this supposed to be Gundam?” It’s the same kind of feeling you get from Mobile Fighter G Gundam (my personal Best Gundam Ever) and Turn-A Gundam (my personal Second Best Gundam Ever, although really it’s a tie) except it feels more like a standard mecha show. However, after I realized that the first few episodes were just intended to be setting up characters for the actual plot (most importantly, Garrod, Jamil, Tiffa, and the Frost brothers) the show stopped seeming “silly” (again, that’s the wrong word for it) and started really grabbing me. I don’t know what happened–I guess I just got used to X’s particular brand of Gundam.

And the SDF Macross epilogue comparison is truly accurate. It takes place, well, “After War”, after what is probably the most devastating colony drop in Gundam history (that’s because just about EVERY SINGLE COLONY got dropped, though) and left the Earth a hostile environment unable to support life. What brought about this end was the appearance of the Earth Federation’s secret weapon, the GX-9900, which–you guessed it–is the Gundam that Our Hero, Garrod, finds himself piloting. There were like 50 of them in the prologue bit, which, when you realize what their power is, is just absolutely frightening.

I haven’t watched enough of it yet to give it proper treatment (it is a 39 episodes series) but it’s starting to win me over. It’s Gundam, and, what’s more, it’s a Gundam that approaches Gundam in a novel way (even 00 doesn’t quite get as bizarro Gundam as X does, although it’s certainly up there). It’s true that every Gundam series approaches Gundam in a novel way (that’s kind of the purpose of the alternate universe series) but it’s just fascinating to me to see so many series–all of them titled Gundam–to approach the same kind of concept in such a different way.

Gundam X seems to be telling a kind-of love story, with Garrod’s love for the mostly unemotional Tiffa. (Eureka Seven fans, are you seeing a similarity here? She even applies MAKEUP!) This is Tiffa:

The image does not show off Tiffa’s extremely long (and extremely sexy) ponytail. She’s unfortunately very delicate–the first time Garrod uses the mega-huge beam cannon, she essentially falls into a state of shock, since she is a Newtype and can read the thoughts and feel the pain of everyone around her. So she’s a bit more useful than Eureka. Kind of.

This is one of those Gundam series that no one who claims to be a Gundam fan should pass up (but, then again, why are you claiming yourself as a Gundam fan if you aren’t interested in watching every Gundam series?), and it’s certainly got enough appeal outside of the Gundam name to merit a look by someone not a Gundam fan. And Macross fans who want an entire series based on the epilogue of SDF Macross. Except not Macross. Yeah.

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