Hirono-kun is trying to be a player and likely failing

In this episode full of emotions run rampant, we get TWO tearful scenes of love lost and found again–both featuring the same guy. I don’t know about you but I sense some kind of problem coming on.

I certainly hope that Kei and Hirono can somehow manage to fit Miyako into their lives. I’m getting far too into this anime, I’m starting to want to sit down and have long talks with everyone in the show and try to work them through their problems as a neutral third party, a feat which is quite patently impossible. Part of the thing that gets me about this anime is that I care for every character to an absurd extent, which means no matter how things end up, it’s going to be bittersweet and heartbreaking for me. Not a complaint, mind.

Kei’s confession to Hirono was quite a scene, but I got the sense that Hirono was trying to blow her off as gently as he could. I don’t think he quite succeeded at that, as this is no doubt going to lead to Problems in the remaining two episodes.

Hirono confessing to Miyako, though, now there was a classy scene. The countdown from 100 was a nice touch, as was the fade to monochrome after the sudden disconnection, and the subsequent surge of color. As mentioned before, the monochrome world of Miyako without Hirono is a great touch to illustrate her worldview.

The only problem with this episode was lack of Chihiro and Renji, but I assume we’ll fix that next episode. Two more episodes to go. I will be sad when it is gone. Need more romantic soap opera dramas.

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