Psychology has never been so creepy

Episode 7 was, for some bizarre reason, incredibly creepy. The whole psychology talk with the CT scans was like my psychology 101 class, except anime and with really creepy background music. I wasn’t terribly interested outside of seeing where everything was going, but if subsequent episodes have sequences like those last 3 minutes then I will have to sleep with the lights on for the rest of the run.

I still absolutely adore the “soundtrack” to the series, though. I hope they release a “soundtrack” so I can shove the “songs” into my playlist for random and unexpected bits of really creepy sound effects during my shuffle sessions. I especially like the clock effect; ticking clocks are always ominous, but in Ghost Hound, we’re treated to a really deep, really loud, really creepy TOCK…TOCK…TOCK which is the primary reason I want the soundtrack. It never fails to unsettle me. I’m a pretty rhythm-and-melody guy (talking as background noise just drives me nuts) so it’s kind of weirding me out to like this method of mood-generating, but I guess I’m just getting to be more of a “film nerd” (in quotes because I’ll never be able to talk about things and sound like I know what I’m talking about) and those instincts are kicking in.

Or maybe I’m just crazy. I’d believe that.

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