ef is Probably Going to Break My Heart

Which is a good thing, because that hasn’t happened in a while. I don’t think it’s properly happened since I read Bokurano.

There are spoilers in the following, so if you’re squeamish around spoilers, watch the episode FIRST.

I certainly didn’t expect Chihiro to lapse past the 13 hour time limit. The question now, as I see is, is if Renji is MAN ENOUGH to stick by a girl who runs a constant risk of lapsing back to the mentality and memories of a twelve-year-old. If he is, that’s for the better–that’s the kind of bittersweet conclusion I love.

I don’t really have any “predictions” or hopes for the Hiro/Miyako relationship, although the fact that they ended on that phone call was probably a sign of terrifying things to come. And Kei was still such a vindictive bitch in that opening scene. The best part of that scene was the water in both scenes–the fountain representing the torrent of emotions that Miyako was currently feeling,  the solitary drip of water representing the complete apathy of Kei. I kind of want Miyako to be happy, as she seems to have absolutely nothing going on (notice how when we’re seeing through her eyes the art is monochrome), so I feel sorry for her. She’ll probably jump off a bridge or something by the end of the series, though, for tragic++. Who knows.

I don’t really foresee a truly happy ending for this show. :)

1 Response to “ef is Probably Going to Break My Heart”

  1. 1 rah2 28 November 2007 at 11:09 pm

    Better idea: To please the idiots who want this to turn out like school days and to make me smile, Miyako stabs Kei to death with a knife and kills her, and then, in a fit of happiness, is able to see colors. She then resumes her life with Hiro and eventually marries him and has 4 kids. GOOD END.

    Also if Renji doesn’t stick with Chihiro I WILL be pissed

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