Why Tsukasa is the Greatest

At the risk of sounding like an incoherent stark raving mad fanboy, I’d like to share something that clicked with me while watching Lucky Star 22 last night. And that is, Tsukasa is awesome.

See? I’m right, aren’t I?

The thing that draws me to Tsukasa, however, is very much the fact that I get the feeling that she’s exactly as bizarre mentally as I am. It dawned on me when she was sleepy while doing homework, and then went to bed and promptly was wide awake that I realized that, no, I’m not the only person in the world who does that.

Another thing are the totally random and out of nowhere questions she pulls. Every time she asks as question that’s obvious to me (and her) but so off the wall that no one else gets it just reminds me of the time I was driving my brother home from the store once. There had been silence, and I came to a complete and full stop at the stop sign right near my house. I turned to my brother, and, with grave and legitimate seriousness, asked him “Why do they call them fingernails? I mean, they aren’t really nails, they’re just…I don’t know. What would you call them?”

That’s so Tsukasa, you might as well pin a sign to me that reads “Warning: Too Moe to Handle”, because that’s certainly what Tsukasa is.

In conclusion: Tsukasa is awesome.

That is all.

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