Stupid Commotion is a GOOD Thing. Really.

I promised myself I wasn’t going to write about Baccano! unless I’d seen the whole thing, and, well, since episode 13 came out today, and I was in need of something to do, I decided to marathon from 9 to 13 today.

Turned out to be a really good idea.

I had a feeling Baccano! was going to be good the instant I figured out it was about 1930s America. Of course, then I was more concerned with things like “Holy crap, we’re going to have SPEAKEASIES! In ANIME! And GANGSTERS! PROPER ones, too!” That was before I learned how much style the show had–it practically oozes it from every frame. The first episode made zero sense and teased us all with Wakamoto Norio voice, but after that episode the show started in earnest and got awesome fast.

The big strength of the show is the characterization. The ensemble cast, especially in the Flying Pussyfoot sequence, were wonderfully done–from little things like Ladd Russo’s jittery feet, eager for a kill, to the significance of Jacuzzi Splot crying all the time, to the utter cluelessness of Isaac and Miria (they’re STILL clueless at the very end. It’s amazing), most of the major characters were incredibly likeable. And the villains, the ones you love to hate: Szilard Quates and Rail Tracer. The major characters in every arc were beautifully characterized.

Part of this strength is the fact that the Baccano! light novels were written by an actual author who won an actual prize for his writing (Narita Ryougo and the Dengeki Novel Prize for the first Baccano! novel). The exceptional care a good novelist takes on his work is clear even in the anime adaptation–one can see it not only in the characters, but in the plotting and pacing aspects too.

As for the actual ending, the last episode was brilliant. We got to see Jacuzzi kick ass. We got to see the untimely demise of Szilard Quates. We got ISAAC AND MIRIA IN 2001! And the whole thing was beautifully orchestrated and directed, leaving a strong emotional impact on the viewer. I haven’t decided if Baccano! deserves the coveted* 10/10 rating yet or not, but it’s got a 9 right now, so that’s not much worse. And that’s not bad for a show I didn’t think I’d like as much as I do–I typically don’t go for “action shows”–for instance, I didn’t watch Black Lagoon, despite hearing about how great that was, but I’d certainly watch it in a crowded room; shows like that are meant to be enjoyed with friends, I think. Baccano! probably qualifies as an “action show”, but, man, if only every action show was as well-done as it is.

*coveted used loosely, I always think I pass out 10s like it’s candy at Halloween.

I look forward immensely to its licensing, and I certainly hope it gets a run on American TV. I think more people would appreciate it that way.

1 Response to “Stupid Commotion is a GOOD Thing. Really.”

  1. 1 Faye 6 December 2007 at 4:02 am

    I just started watching (episode 3 to watch tonight), and it’s amazing how clueless Isaac and Miria are.

    Although initially after the first episode i was like, ‘O_O what just happened there?’ Hehe, for some reason i thought it was my problem and that i hadn’t paid enough attention or something, but turns out that it’s ok since everybody says it makes no sense >_<

    Also, i literally give 10s out like that ^^ I mean if you look at MAL, it’s like ’10, 10, 9, 8, 8, 7, 10, 9, 10′ :D

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